• VPNCheck Pro is a lightweight security application designed specifically for helping you automatically log in via OpenVPN, PTPP and L2TP connections. It comes with support for DNS leak fixes, closing options upon VPN crashes, virtualization support for VMware and Virtualbox, as well as local IP changes and notifications when the VPN goes offline.

    You can find the utility sitting quietly in the system tray. It employs a simplistic GUI that hides several configuration settings under its hood.

    The layout looks clean and plain but the dedicated parameters cannot be described as highly intuitive, actually there are quite confusing. There’s support for an online help manual that highlights brief descriptions of the tool’s capabilities.

    VPNCheck Pro helps you start the login process by pressing the ‘Cycle IP: Task’ or ‘Cycle IP: Network’ button. In addition, the first button can be used for automatically opening and closing programs depending if the VPN connection changes, while the second one allows you to shut down the network adapter when VPN crashes.

    You can make the application automatically display the local IP address, which can be copied to the clipboard for being pasted into other third-party utilities.

    VPNCheck Pro offers you the possibility to build up a list with custom applications by providing the file paths. Plus, you can remove items from the list and view details about the filename, path, closing and autorun parameters.

    You can assign different actions to each program, such as close the selected tool when the VPN crashes and automatically run the selected app when the VPN connection is established. It lets you enter details about the login parameters, such as username, password and name of the VPN network adapter.

    There are several configuration parameters that help you reverse IP in case VPN is down, detect if local IP changes for those using routers with VPN pass through, and enable the ‘Protect linkage’ mode in order to avoid VPN crashes due to timeout.

    Plus, you can activate popup notifications if VPN is offline, test if VPNCheck Pro detects the selected programs, automatically check for changes in the VPN connection at a given time, and turn on the DNS leak fix mode which creates a tunnel around VPN and Internet connection.

    Last but not least, lets you reset the DNS if your network becomes inaccessible, run the utility at Windows startup and enable the monitoring mode, as well as create a new hostname, computer name and MAC address.

    To make a long story short, VPNCheck Pro comes with a powerful suite of features for helping you secure your VPN connection but the program’s configuration settings are not easy to decode.